Wednesday, 25 March 2009

"and then, I came round the corner, it was a left hander, no, hang on, it was a right hander. No, I'm wrong, it was a left hander, followed by a right, two lefts, a right and then a final, tighter left. There was an interesting Durham brick wall to the nearside, and a grid on the offside, and a blue Ford Focus, or was it a Fiesta, no definitely a Focus, came round the bend and he was at least an inch onto my side and I thought, well, cheeky blighter, so I speeded up to 26 miles an hour and..." Sam stifled yet another yawn, Grand Wizard searched desperately for the long-overdue ferry, Mick wondered if that was the white van coming to take him away, and Az continued to pontificate, fortunately unable to read the minds of the committee.

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