Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Medial Malleolus for Oboto Sobatmas has many roles within the organisation. One that is close to Az's heart, and in which he takes the most pride, is Manager of Internal Decoration. This particular artistic period in his life is now looked back upon fondly, and is known as his 'Crayons and Straitjacket' phase. Astute observers will note the specially adapted 'lockdown' boots, that allow the medics to attach him to floors by the use of clamps, and are designed to stop him wandering off without adult supervision.


  1. That looks just like the smoking shed at the pub over the road - just tidier!

  2. 'tis a kota in Lapland, a mountain shelter by the piste, and a jolly nice place to 'go for a warm' when it's -20c.