Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Cool District Librarian chairs a meeting

As you may know, the Commitee members take turns to be Chair. Cool DL was delighted to see that when he arrived at the last meeting, his fellow committee members were watching an episode of Sammerdale under the watchful gaze of their leader. They were particularly impressed with the cover of the menu, and much discussion ensued regarding the choice of starter.
Some readers may not know that a prerequisite of membership of The Oboto Sobatmas is an aversion to onions or tomatoes. To that end, it can seem somewhat unusual that the clubhouse restaurant only serves Indian food. Nonetheless, the committee like to be involved in the menu, but only after taking sensible precautions. Nobody likes to see grown men cry, and using the excuse of 'it's the onions!' wears thin after a while. Goggles would work just as well, but gas masks just seem more appropriate somehow, don't you think?

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