Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Cultural Attache.

It pains me to note that the Sub North Oboto Territories have revolting peasants once more, and so it fell upon our esteemed Cultural Attache to quell the dissent in the ranks. This caused him to be unable to attend the Curryttee Meating last night, and so, as is customary, we talked about him behind his back.
That done, it befell the Master RouteFinder to plan for the Wigwam Weekend. Due to a conversation MM found difficult to recall in detail, this ended up being referred to as
'The White-Arsed Sea Beagle Tour'.
I only wish I could have been there - that particular conversation must have been eventful, and tortuous.
To prove such a thing exists, MM sent me a picture.
So, there you have it, it must be true. I will endeavour to uncover stories relating to this once-mythical creature in due course.

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