Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Far East Correspondent

The Oboto Sobatmas Blog has reached the outskirts of Tokyo, following an interview with our Far East Correspondent, who lives just down the road, as you well know.
The reporter for 'HERRO!' magazine (sorry!) was very keen for a picture of Phileas Winthrup, otherwise known as the Obosobo Drawing Pin. Far East Correspondent cunningly thought it an ideal opportunity to impress his devilish good looks on the local populace. So, claiming to have sold all his photos of Phileas Winthrup to female students outside the gates of the college, he offered a few snaps of himself as recompense. Obviously, the editor was more than pleased, and set about arranging for 50 feet tall copies to be emblazoned around the country. As a result, it is believed that our FEC will be lauded like a god in all territories east of Clitheroe, and will never have to put his hand in his pocket again.

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