Saturday, 9 May 2009

Is that Tuesday's Curryttee Meating I can see, hoving into view across the dusty wilderness of The Obotolands?
Medial Malleolus has had to admit to falling off the wagon, as it were, in relation to starving himself for The Gathering. He was dragged, apparently, kicking and screaming to an Indian restaurant called the
were he gorged on lime pickle and choc chip ice-cream.
Methinks he hasn't quite got the idea yet.
I'd like the other Committee members sort him out on Tuesday. Hopefully, MM will take more notes about what happens at the meeting to pass on to me so I have something to write about on Wednesday. Having said that, I might have to go to work! Then what will happen to your poor Scribe? And the blog? Oh, lordy lordy, what is to be done?

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