Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Public Relations Secretary and Fashion

Unbeknown to the masses, the PR Secretary has been leading something of a double life, which, when you consider what he has been up to, is to be commended. Having been feted far and wide as the epitome of sartorial elegance, he decided some time ago to cash in on his natural abilities, and share some of his designs with the masses.
I was surprised to see just how far his fashion design influence had spread. As you can see, he made the front page of 'Fashion' recently, a feat not to be sneezed at.

Some of the greatest fashion designers the world has ever seen have graced the cover in the past.

Reading GQ magazine yesterday, I came across PRS's finest work to date. One of his models, commuting between photoshoots, was caught on the underground in New York sporting the very 'last thing' in PR's collection.
Take a look for yourselves.

Just so you know, it's the man with the towel.

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