Friday, 1 May 2009

Medial Malleolus meets a famous bloke

Whilst off work with his injuries, Medial Malleolus decided that it would be good to earn a few extra shekels by taking on a bit of work at the local drop-in centre. Imagine his surprise when, out of the blue, Lewis Hamilton called in for a brew. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to be photographed with the rich and famous, Medial barged in and got one of Lewis's mates to take a quick snap on his mobile.
Apparently, in a conversation with him later, Medial said that he was surprised at how little Lewis seemed to know about his own sport, being 'deliberately vague' when asked about double diffusers, and 'nonplussed' when the topic of Fernando Alonso came up. 'I'm also a bit surprised to see that he had someone driving him about', said Medial, 'I would have thought he would have driven himself, and as for his car, well, it didn't look like it would handle at all'.
On a separate note, does anyone else think Medial has had a couple of pies too many whilst lazing about?

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