Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Last weekend would have been bad!!!!

Dear Sobaterceratops

Going to Skye last weekend would have been a bad idea. It was one of the few times (17 hours to be exact) that I was in possession of Stevio during his frequent grooming visits to either the Shorrocks or Millennium Health Farm for Shite Bikes, and I might have been tempted to go on it! Luckily it is back in dock to have its second new starter motor fitted.

Isn't it a funny coincidence that one of my bikes is an Elefant and the other one is turning out to be a White Elephant (even though it's red).

I saw on the BBC website that the Highlands are rife with Ticks at the moment and they can give you all sorts of diseases if they latch on!! The family and I picked up about 8 when trekking through the heather last year in Lochcarron. Apparently you need to scrape them off before they get scared and puke in the wound they have latched onto!!!! Luurrvely!!!

I am taking the opportunity of all this good weather to waterproof my oversuit (yes the orange on with the rubber duck on the back).

It wouldnt be the same in the sunshine!!!


Grand Mahout.

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