Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Not a great start...

The Far East Correspondent can explain the relevance of this particular image, but he won't.
So, it's quite simple.
The 'full MacGregor' BMW GS suffered a bad case of flattery on Friday morning. As you can see, there is no sign of the FEC, or the PR Secretary and Cool DL who were with him. The Cultural Attache had left the Snotlands at 4:30am just so he could sit at Crooklands for an hour waiting for the rain to start. Grand Mahout, Master RouteFinder and Obo Scribe had left The Brig at 6am to do the same. The Cultural Attache, however, had only a short time in which to feel smug and superior. In the hinterlands of Glasgow, unbeknown to the Cultural Attache, a swift, painful and beautifully placed kick in the gonads was lacing up it's boots and limbering up.

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