Monday, 8 June 2009

The Story of the well-travelled Egg.

The Public Relations Secretary rang yesterday, and flummoxed me with a technical question. "How would you attach an egg to a motorcycle?"
"In an egg cup," was the glib and obvious answer.
The result of this snippet of the conversation led to today's Fastest Egg.
In a quest to work out how far an egg could travel on a motorcycle, it seemed that the only way to be sure was to try it.
The result can be seen here.

If you look closely, you will make out the classy Princess eggcup,

Just so you know, it's gaffered onto the pillion peg.
Nice, huh?
Anyway, what you need to know is you are looking at an egg that has done more than just appear out of a hen's bum.
This egg is different.
This egg has been places.
This egg has travelled 70 miles!
This egg has broken the national speed limit on a bumpy country lane.
This egg has done 95mph on the M57.
This egg has bounced over speed humps, traffic calming measures and a level crossing!
This is no ordinary egg.
How many eggs have sat in a traffic jam today and had people staring at it?
The woman in the car next to me nearly broke her bloody neck trying to get a better look. She looked at me, the egg, me, the egg again, me. I just blanked her with the 'What you staring at?' look. Bet she went home wondering.
What next for 'The Egg'?

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