Friday, 17 July 2009


The Cultural Attache, or CAFSNOT to give him his abbreviation (why is that such a long word?) has taken to his bed.
Our glorious Knight of Varadero has succumbed to swine flu ! Just so he could avoid the Curryttee Meating last night.
I would like to say that when I passed on the news of his ailment, that there was a genuine concern.
But there wasn't.
Not even a little bit.
In light of the fact that we are all likely to catch it at some point, we were perhaps a little too quick to laugh. We may yet rue our lighthearted amusement at CAFSNOTs malaise. Still, you've gotta laugh, 'aven't ya?

Just a thought - does anyone think it quite appropriate that the CA for SNOT has got flu?

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