Monday, 24 August 2009

Exception proves the rule

During the recent invasion of Skye by the Obotomataphillites it was noticed that unlike all other members of the tribe the PR Secretary has a terrifying case of 'Advancing Hairline'.

Rather than a comb over it's more a case of a comb up and over.

Grand Mahout

PS the start for our trip to Peebles is currently 0700hrs from The Cool DL's fortress in the Republic of Barrowford. The idea is to head through the Dales for breakfast in Leyburn or Barnard Castle, through Northumberland to Seahouses for lunch and on to Peebles via North Berwick for a paddle on the beach and an ice cream!!!! Its about 300 miles so - 'oil yer chains'. The Cultural Attache for SNOT may be absent from this sojourn as I havent heard from him yet. I have booked 6 B&B beds close to Peebles.

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