Friday, 24 September 2010

Testing Testing - Fares Please!!!!!!

As a result of my now terminal decline back into employment it was decided by me and my alter ego, Igor Grommit, that I would take the 'Big Red Bus' out for a test ride today.

It was colder than a Wizards Weaner when I arrived at the top of Hartside Pass after 'tacking' furiously around the hairpin bends on slimy, greasy, leafy roads. I didnt seem to be able to get Adolf to turn until I started using a more definite counter steering technique.

It is still a heavy old beast but it has oodles of power and is silky smooth,

My hips and knees coped well with the 260 mile trip which took in the delights of Hartside, Hexham, Barnard Castle and Hawes. The café at Barnard Castle was exceptionally welcome and the Scrambled Egg on toast was a hoot!!

I even managed to stay fairly dry.

Just a quick piccy of the North Pennines to keep you all going

Grand Mahout

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