Thursday, 21 October 2010

ENORMOUS Sea Monsters !

As if she wasn't enough of a nuisance, our unofficial mascot has apparently been plagueing our poor Far East Correspondent , wanting to know if she can be our 'Sea Monster of the Month'
.FEC explained to her (slowly, as she's a bit, how shall we say, uncomplicated), that without an invitation to a Curryttee Meating, and a willingness to buy the beer, her chances of being taken seriously by the ObotoSobatmasites were slim. When she explained that she was still unable to fathom a torque wrench, and was not fully up to speed on the subject of custard, all hope was lost. The poor wretch is destined to a future where she finds herself miserably suffering a state of constant undress, where, if she had made an effort, she could have made herself useful as pit crew for the next trip.
Another Sad but True tale brought to you by your long-suffering Obo Scribe.

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