Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Change Is As Good As Arrest

Always one to try new things I followed our Humble Obo Scribe's advice (below) and would not recommend it to you.

Despite allowing me to avoid a meeting that I wasn't particularly looking forward to, detention for public safety reasons is NOT a fun way to spend the afternoon!

Activities at the Cop Shop leave something to be desired and could be greatly improved upon to help pass the time, especially the finger painting. Introducing colours other than black would definitely help you to show your creative side as would allowing you to make your patterns outside the little boxes. Perhaps removing the limit of 10 prints, none of which can touch each other, would also improve the quality of the experience.

For once I am disappointed in the Obo Scribe for furnishing such a foolish suggestion and would advise you to proceed with (a) Caution - much as I had to do upon my release.

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