Friday, 8 April 2011

Versys forum

A couple of guys on the Versys forum have been pondering the meaning of Oboto Sobatmas after I gave them the hint that it started with 'Old Blokes On Tour On...'
I'm impressed with their efforts. How about

Old blokes on tour on shitloads of beer and two manky 'am sandwiches.

Or even better, this one...

Lines on the Departure of Andy H, self-proclaimed Gentleman Rider Fuelled by Deuchars

So. Farewell then ObotoSobatmas,

You shared with us the failing of the V

- not long-legged enough for your thousand-league boots.

But not the enigma wrapped in a riddle of a conundrum of your name.
For that we would need to join your special society and roll our trousers up,
attend the currytee meetings and greet each other in strange, unaccustomed ways.

Old Blokes On Tour On Some Old Beemers Are Tight-lipped, Mysterious And Secretive?

Or maybe


Clever, aren't they?

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