Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Parbold Hill on Boxing Day

For some unknown reason, a bunch of old giffers gathered on Parbold Hill summit on Boxing Day morning, on a selection of obscure but interesting motorcycles. MM took Boris along to lower the tone, and to ooze gearbox oil slap-bang in the middle of the carpark. You can't buy class, in the same way as MM can't buy sensible bikes. It's an Oboto Sobatmas trait - just ask Grand Mahout and the PR Secretary, who has had to call in reinforcements to asssist in keeping the K100 PashWagon going.

Where's Boris?

Much older, and much more modern. How can that be?

Ooooh, luvly....

Ooohhh, luvly too

                                           This one's just ace

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