Monday, 23 January 2012

Pablo Chipotle, super detective

An extract from Obo Scribe's daughter's homework - a chip off the old block, methinks

Pablo Chipotle’s Life Story

Pablo Chipotle’s Llama

Pablo Chipotle, Master of Disguise, has a problem. Even Doris Bradshaw, his secretary, who answers the phone and opens his mail (one letter a day) doesn’t recognise him when he rides his llama up the stairs to his office above the laundrette. No-one ever recognises him on his llama whilst wearing a poncho and sombrero as he goes down Pall Mall. To help him blend in with the crowd, he keeps a pet enchilada in his pocket (which doesn’t talk very much). Pablo’s llama- Derek- spits like all llamas do, but even if it’s not Pablo’s fault, he always gets the spit spat at him. Which is why, Pablo’s the wettest Mexican in Chorley.

Pablo’s bird brain

One day whilst sitting on a bench in Astley Park, he spotted a pigeon resting on the bench behind him. There was a woman in a pink jacket that had her purse stolen by a bloke in a khaki anorak. The pigeon, whose name was Persephone, acknowledged Pablo about this event and so, sensing an opportunity to save the world, or at least a purse, Pablo got on his llama. Soundlessly, he cantered up to the unsuspecting bloke and after a lot of spit (mostly-not all- but mostly from Derek). Since that day Persephone the talking pigeon has solved many mysteries but Pablo has always been given the credit, and that is how Pablo Chipotle became known as the super detective.

Everyday Life

Pablo lives in Chorley and fits in perfectly well with the community, despite one or two obvious drawbacks. Being regularly covered in spit is one of them. Having a pigeon that roosts on your head would be considered by most normal people to be another drawback but the odd thing is, nobody, but nobody ever notices the pigeon on Pablo’s head. This causes Pablo no end of confusion when he rides his llama towards a doorway. People naturally shout, “Duck!!!” Pablo shouts back, “No - Pigeon!!!”

I like the way my daughters mind works.

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