Friday, 17 April 2009

Four-engined Beasties again

Would it be wrong to go away on a motorcycle to a land of rugged women, and even rugged-er blokes, with a bottle of this in your kit?
I'm thinking it seems wrong somehow.
It could be worse, though. One of the available Avon products is a hair removal cream. That could cause trouble if you splashed it all over to fend off the beasties before going to the pub, and then watched as it fell out in clumps into your pint. After all, it would ruin the beer.
Another issue that this raises, is that I have spent time reading the Avon catalogue. If anyone asks, it was tyres, not moisturiser. Having said that, the big womens underwear section...
Anyway, consider it a public service for the committee that I have been engaged in. I will now consider how to get Mrs Malleolus to order this for me for scientific purposes. I fear she may take great delight in telling her friends that I have taken to skincare products. It is, of course, a damned lie. A dab of ACF50 is all a real man ever needs.

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