Thursday, 7 May 2009

As suspected, the FEC has begun something of a cult in his Homeland. Last Saturday, they were showing the newly released ( east of Colne ) 'Close Encounters of the Third Type' when there was an unfortunate incident with the celluloid and a pair of snub-nosed scissors - you know, the ones you were allowed to use as a child. Anyway, the net result was a general disappointment among the gathered cinemagoers, who then searched for something else to do. As is often the way in these parts, they resorted to the usual adulation and praise of their favourite character of the moment, your very own Far East Corresepondent. Isn't that nice?
The assembled staff at Oboto Towers like to think that FEC will arrive at the Curryttee Meating, bourne aloft on a bed of nubile young things.
We are taking our cameras just in case.
To prove the point, I have found just how difficult it has become for our FEC to make his way around in an unobtrusive manner. Regardless of disguise, they keep finding him. Take a look at how many different disguises he has failed to fool the locals with at

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