Thursday, 7 May 2009

Curryttee Meating

Just so you know, it looks like a full Committee next week. The FEC has sent a message via a lackey that he has heard the natives are already scattering rose petals along the A59 in preparation for his approach. He will arrive, as usual, by carriage. The Cultural Attache is making plans to put in an appearance between quelling peasant uprisings in the Sub North Oboto Territories, the Obosobo Drawing Pin is already aloft, and the Rhubarb and Custard Crew are breaking off from their tireless pursuit of the Google StreetView car. Master RouteFinder is fully GPS'd and ready to go, Grand Mahout is already at the Clubhouse, and Medial Malleolus stopped eating last Tuesday in order to be hungry enough to do a thali justice. On a side note, Medial would like to apologise for straying to the Dark Side last night. He went to the Working Mens Institute in the village to drink beer with friends and watch a football match. He will ensure that next time he goes, it will be solely for the purpose of drinking.

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