Tuesday, 15 September 2009

"Look lads - there is no way that we are leaving this shop without that blokes yellow wellies" stated the Cool DL.

"I'll offer him a swap for the Stelvio" chirped the Grand Mahout.

"Dont be so bloody stupid - does he look retarded?" stormed Gimli "he'd want a fiver on top of that!".

"I know" blurted the Cool DL "you two go and tell him the price of fuel in England and when he falls over, I'll whip off his wellies and bungee them to the SV. He'll never be able to find them!".

"It's a plan" chorused the three amigo's.

As usual it failed because someone passed the choccy biscuits around and they all forgot what to do.

The Cool DL nervously whistled the Peruvian National Anthem!!!

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