Friday, 11 September 2009


A soft tapping sound could be heard outside the wigwam. 'Damn, those midges are persistent' said the Cool DL. A muffled cough made him think again. Thinking this needed further investigation, he got up and opened the door.

Imagine his surprise when he gazed down upon a hapless, homeless bit-part dwarf actor from Portnalong. 'Portnashort, more like' he mused to himself.
'Got any Hobbits?' said the dwarf.
'I tend to whistle the Peruvian National Anthem when I'm nervous' replied the DL.
'Stumpy', offered the DL by way of witty riposte.
The ensuing melee awoke the rest of the Obotomites, and was reported at length (!) in the Portnalong Evening Gazette.

The weekend edition of the Portnalong Evening Gazette, complete with guide for the BBC World Service and shiiping forecast, as well as an in-depth magazine detailing the lives and loves of the glitterati of Skye.

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