Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Search for Pebbles

My ideas so far are:-
1) Meet at Cool District Librarian's house in Barrowford.
2) Head up through the Dales through Kettlewell, Aysgarth towards Barbnard Castle for Brekkie.
3) Up past Stanhope and Hexham, across the A69 and up towards Alnwick via Rothbury.
4) Over to Seahouses for lunch (deep fried haggis in the chippy?).
5) Up through the Borders missing as much of the A1 as possible. Head to North Berwick for an Ice Cream on the beach.
6) Back down on minor roads towards Innerleithen (via Heriot on the A7).
7) Onto Peebles.
8) Go to pub!!

Sunday - Come home via Keilder.

Suggestions gratefully accepted.

Grand Mahout

1 comment:

  1. Works for me, the Medial M says he's ok with it too. Az is checkin his satnav.