Wednesday, 11 November 2009

2010 Southernmost Scotland trip.

So, after much debate, and the consumption a couple of otters at The Clubhouse, the Obotomites settled upon a cunning plan for the 2010 Scottish trip. Medial Maleolus was heard to winge that he could only take 9th July off for a long weekend, to which the rest grudgingly agreed, provided their busy social calendars allowed.
Medial M reported back to your scribe, with news that next years' trip will be to the southernmost reaches of Scotland, but will still require a ferry trip, which is good news. We like our ferries, we do. Your scribe remains a little unsure as to exactly which part of southernmost Scotland the tribe will head, in light of the revelation that the locals drive on the right, eat garlic and use an unintelligible dialect. I can only assume they are aiming back to Mull, and the Bear Pit, in order to re-acquaint themselves with Johnny Crackers and the loudest, swearingest pub on the island. When more info is forthcoming, I will obviously share with you all. The Grand Mahout has got his bike packed and ready to go, the PR is looking to buy something different to go on, and everyone else is rolling their eyes heavenwards.
I fel many more Curryttee Meatings will be required to organise this one. Huzzah !!

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