Thursday, 25 March 2010

2011 Activities

Dear Obotosobatamaphiliacs

So the Iron Butt has become the SS1K. I'm all for buzz words and "management speak" as, any words that disguise my painful lack of vocabulary and give me time to try and think of the next meaningful word to say, are OK with me.

So we obviously need to come up with acronyms for the Three Peaks Challenge and subsequently the Invasion of Normandy.

Obviously 3PC and D-Day spring to mind but, as they are too bleedin' obvious, I thought I would throw out a challenge to you guys to come up with a few.

For a start I thought of:-

3mm - Three Mountain Mayhem or
0.11811" - Imperial Version of the above, or
4LO3M - Four looneys on Three mountains or
NRFALBRSB3M - Nice route for a long bike ride spoiled by 3 mountains?

and for France:-
TSS - Tour of Southern Scotland or
Overlard or
CESMT10 - Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Tour 2010.

I think the last one would be best left off any tour T-shirts.

Grand Mahout

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