Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Apparently, to those 'in the know', the Iron Butt Association 1000 mile Saddle Sore award is referred to as the SS1K, so from now on that is how I propose to refer to it, purely as a means of saving my fingers the grief of typing Iron Butt Association 1000 mile Saddle Sore award. Of course, I could have used 'cut and paste', but where is the fun in that, and is it 500 miles away so I can ride to it?
Anyhoo, as Monty Burns would say.
I'm definitely going to give it a go in May/June, so I can report/advise the official attempt in September by my fellow Obotophiles. I also plan to take an egg with me for company, as I have previously mooted.
Which egg should I take, though? They all look the same to me...
Maybe I should interview a few, to get a feel for which one I feel I will get on best with? And what happpened to all the women in the 'Thought of the Day'?

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