Monday, 28 June 2010

Ms. Brook

As if the work of Shinya Kimura was not enough, your Scribe also commends to the Curryttee the work of Kelly Brook, as can be seen in 'Thought of the Day' at the moment. She might not be handy with a torque wrench, but, holy crap...

Obviously, (for the benefit of any lawyers present), any reference now, or in the future, that Ms. Kelly Brook has any affiliation with Oboto Sobatmas is a complete and utter fabrication and should be taken in the spirit it is intended, which is just the inane, sometimes slightly amusing witterings of some bored old men with nothing better to do and too much imagination .
Ms Brook, on behalf of Oboto Sobatmas, I apologise unreservedly, and invite you to the next Curryttee Meeting...

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