Friday, 2 July 2010

Medial Malleolus and his new garage

As you may be aware, MM is moving to a new garage today, if all goes to plan and this 'blogging ahead and choosing the day it gets posted' works. The success or failure will be apparent in the number of blog entries for the next two or three weeks. If the move happens, I will be busy helping him build a padded cell in his new garage and then prepping the bike for the Southern Scotland Raid.
Whilst the new garage is only 600yds from his present abode, it is 600yds NORTH and as we all know, 'it's grim up north' so t'interweb at that end of the village is uncertain. In fact, so is elastictrickery and running water. He may be gone some time, and as a result so may I.
Fear not, he will return.
Much, much poorer.

But with a HUGE garage !

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