Friday, 10 September 2010

Ay Oop - The UCA lives!

I have finally managed to break sufficiently free of the mesmorism inspired by the thought of the day to leave a message!

Hopefully you are all well! I've been more than a tad busy of late. Have somehow managed to get roped into our Data Centre Migration - only several thousand servers to move over the course of the next 12 months (without any downtime for services)!! Between that, two dogs, Childer and cries of "What are you doing on that 'pooter when you're hardly here to talk to" I haven't had much time for the social niceties of remembering to speak to one's mates.

Looks like Southern Scotland was a successful (if dry) excursion? Have to admit to more than a little jealousy over that one but console myself with having spent a week at Wasdale Head in glorious sunshine whilest you Jammy Beggars were pootling around low lying Alba!

Anyway, other than that Jack has been a dull boy of late so don't have an awful lot to write home about* but thought it was time to say hello!

*unless you are interested in Virtual Cluster Services, Db2, AIX or Korn shell scripts. Thought not.

Hopefully catch up with you all soon - UCA

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