Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Stevio has gone - the Bavarian Bus arrives (on time too)!!

Fellow Sobatamaphiliacs

The Italian stallion has departed to eastern climes. It now resides with a very happy man called Mark in Bridlington. It shares a garage with a 1977 Guzzi Le Mans Mk1 with 90k on the clock. 

To replace the gaping hole in my garage I have enlisted the services of a BMW K1200RS lovingly named Adolf by my eldest daughter. 

First impressions (I have only ridden it from Standish to Preston) is that it is insanely fast, heavy, smooth, did I mention fast (?)and downright torture is respect of riding position.

The guy I bought it off couldn't put up with the knee and hip angle but had not bothered to look close enough to find the lower footrest position and the adjustable seat height.

The bike wears two natty LED flashing eagles on the front fairing (see pics). What do you reckon chaps - on or off. Unless I receive three 'ons' before 9 am tomorrow they are coming off!!! 

I must go - I need to catch a bus!!!

Grand Mahout (part time bus conductor)


  1. Keep them,KEEP THEM ALL ! Looks a bit posh !

  2. Deffo keep them!
    That makes three ! Haha!