Sunday, 10 October 2010


A new and dangerous biker gang named 'THE BAVARIAN BIKER BWOYS ' have been sweeping across Lancashire and Yorkshire leaving locals frozen in abject stupidity.New members are being drafted all the time,with the latest estimates indicating that there could be as many as 5 .
Police have reported that since the apperance of the gang in the North of England the incedences of Sea Beagles making false warranty claims at B&Q has risen exponentialy,whilst reports of people who actually believe that it is butter have fallen exponetialy,experts have offered no explanation for this or anything else.
An insider,who was found inside something that was contained within something else,said 'Today',which is belived to mean the present time.He also said ' Theres no stopping them,they just ride into your town and then ride out the other side,i dont know how they get away with it'
If you feel an uncontrolable urge towards riding bits of old WW2 tanks mascarading as motorcycles please book a table at your local curry house under the name Oboto Sobatmas and remember...your paying...and its also your round

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