Friday, 14 January 2011

Where to, Sobats?

Dear Sobatmaphilliacs. As the jollity and good cheer of the festive season recedes fringelike into 'randomly accessed memory' section of the space previously known as brain, we must turn our thoughts to the painful subject of the annual Sobatmahols!! Various members of our illicit and potentially radioactive bretheren have held high level meetings (they were stood up at the time) and a plan is forming insidiously like an ancient reptile crawling from primordial mulligatawny soup.

Due to poorly concocted but sincere excuses and rampant, nay galloping, flatulence it has been proposed that the crusade reverts to a Scottish escapade. The Obo Scribe and the Grand Mahout have proposed a two stage trip with a sortee back to Portnalong on the 20th May with a swansong visit to either Islay or Arran on the following night. Due to a busy spring and summer planning a family bike trip around France, and a 99th birthday ceilidh for the GM, the Obo Scribe may need a helping hand! Volunteers please!!

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