Monday, 29 March 2010

Broke brake - Just for you, CAfSNOT

May I quote from the Book of Knowledge, 'The Combined Thoughts of My Many Personalities', by our illustrious psychotherapist, Obugritz Nakt.

'One should not arse about with that which we either do not understand or with which we could damage ourselves , namely
1. Women
2. pointy objects
3. Brakes
4. the non-Newtonian fluid characteristics of custard

You all know the rest of the list. The relevant bit for you, CAfSNOT, would be the bit about the brakes (and the custard). All of us would like you to be able to stop when required, so give it to a professional if it's stuck. Or a mechanic at a dealership. Servicing brakes is one thing, repairing is quite another.
Best of luck and 'brake' out the wallet, ha ha.

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